Welcome to WorkInTheFLOW

A face-to-face self-help community of entrepreneurial minds, working in solitude, and together.

About Us

WorkInTheFLOW is a program to help remote-work professionals and entrepreneurs keep good company. WorkInTheFLOW helps you find sanctuaries for mindfulness while working solo or in small teams, making the inevitable loneliness of your journey more bearable by weaving a self-help community around you. The name has been inspired by the program’s goal of attaining flow through immersion in beautiful work, as described by Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. An initiative of the design and innovation firm SiliconGlades, WorkInTheFlow is being designed by entrepreneurs for others in a similar journey. Let's join hands to help one another find a calling through a self-sustaining peer-powered support-system, bringing together cool people in cool work-environments and helping everyone find easier pathways to success and fulfillment in their entrepreneurial and professional pursuits.

Why You Should Join Us

WorkInTheFLOW attracts those who care to share their knowledge and domain expertise within their local communities, and those eager to learn from one another for the economic betterment of the entire community. If you consider yourself an economic contributor with a desire to help other economic contributors and creators, you will find this community invigorating.

A Big Thanks

A big thanks to the Friends of Bloomingdale Regional Library for their support of our pilot and to the leadership and teams at, who collaborated with us to bring a pilot of the program to 12 libraries in a test-run.